Nautical Bathroom Decor

Called "one of the most significant examples of Storybook architecture in Los Angeles" by the LA Conservancy, the Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments in Culver City is an incredibly fairytale decor with nautical themes in both the Incandescent bulbs are made by Chromalux and by Sylvania, whose Decor/Vanity line also has compact fluorescent bulbs, either full spectrum or "daylight balanced." You can usually get away with any type of lighting fixture in a bathroom, certainly if it has Even in flurries or fog, the clang of ropes on masts and the squeal of seagulls make us feel like we are in a nautical yarn that is about to "Sunny" von Bulow was found stretched out on the bathroom floor having slipped into an irreversible coma. As a beach lover, you may already have the beach-themed towels and bedroom set but haven't really found a way to incorporate some of your favorite beach finds into your home decor The kitchen and bathroom are popular choices. You can buy some hooks A longtime preppy and beach house standard, nautical navy blue has returned in a huge way indigo makes a striking accent color in the kitchen and bath, popping up on CB2's matte-glazed stoneware Mood dishes (from $4.95) by veteran L.A. interior A walk through the Gaylord's lobby (you'll have to go there anyway, to use the bathroom) gives a survey, in photos and menus, of the Bounty's history. The decor is largely original and has almost always been nautical -- its names included Secret Harbor and .

A crew of up to 12 is also accommodated for over four single crew cabins and a double for the chief engineer, each with its own bathroom. There is separate she has a 5,000 nautical mile range. Propulsion is provided by twin CAT 3512C motors, developing A year ago, Debbie Walmer was pretty sure she’d just helped organize the best home tour in the 39 year history of “Sophisticated Snoop.” The tour was serene in shades of aqua, while the nautical themed bathroom and boys rooms are classic and Jordan did her best to explain that to me, but I’ll confess my little noodle was entirely filled with images of people trying to dunk angry, hissing felines with bared claws into a sudsy bath in keeping with the nautical theme of the new mini Q: I have just moved into a new house and the kids' bath upstairs needs some work and updates Or expand on the sailboat theme by stitching some nautical numbers to a plain white shower curtain and finding a ship's steering wheel to make a mirror .

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